Friday, September 16, 2011

Ubuntu: Install from USB

Apparently, you can install Ubuntu through a USB stick if your BIOS can boot from USB. I though this was pretty neat and wouldn't have to deal with throwaway media like CDs and DVDs. Unfortunately, each time I tried, the computer would not boot from the USB. It just kept booting from the harddrive no matter what I did in the BIOS.

I finally managed to figure this one out. The first 2 computers just didn't boot from USB. No hints. Nothing. Googling this problem brought up nothing. The solutions were to re-download Ubuntu, check your USB, use a CD, try on another computer, etc.

Fortunately, the 3rd computer I used gave me "Missing Operating System". Bingo! I found something searchable. This brought up a nice blog article. A solution! And it works! Basically, the problem was in the creation of the bootable USB. I was using Ubuntu's Startup Disk Creator. Apparently, it doesn't properly wipe out the USB and repartition appropriately. This caused havoc. The idea is to wipe out the USB stick and repartition before using Startup Disk Creator. This solved my problem.

Check out the solution here:

Friday, September 2, 2011

Ubuntu + iPhone: Upgrade/Restore

It's no secret. Ubuntu + iPhone is a pain in the ass! However, it just got a little less painful for me.

You see, the way I've been approaching this is to never plug my iPhone into my computer. If the two don't meet, there can't be any problems. Don't solve your problems. Get rid of them!

Unfortunately, I've been losing reception the last two weeks and it's been annoying me to no end. I called my service provider and they determined it's probably because I'm still on 3.1.3. Great. I need to upgrade my iPhone. iPhone, meet Ubuntu. Ubuntu, meet iPhone. Now PLEASE play nice.

Of course, that was too much to ask for. I installed VirtualBox and got Windows XP installed. I then added the iPhone as a USB connection in the settings. I then proceeded to plug in my iPhone. iTunes detects my iPhone. Yay! A small triumph. I decided to restore instead of upgrade. I wanted to start from scratch anyways.

After iTunes wiped out my data, it started to prepare for the restore. At which it hung. After a few minutes, it gave me a 1602 error. I tried everything I could think of: reboot iPhone, reboot VirtualBox, reboot Ubuntu, re-plug in iPhone, etc. The best I got out of all this was a different error: 1604. At this point, my iPhone is permanently in Recovery Mode and now, I couldn't even select the iPhone USB connection in VirtualBox.

I thought to myself, "Screw this. I'm fixing you even if it takes all night!" And so, I did. Thanks to this post.

Follow it. It works.

Here are the keypoints and some added tips from the comments.
  • Add yourself to both the vboxusers and audio groups.
  • Change the USB filter settings so that only Name and Vendor ID have values. DELETE EVERYTHING ELSE. It's not recommended. It's mandatory!

After all this, I was able to restore my iPhone without problems. Booyah!